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Use the link below to access examples of Levels in the area of 'Communicating Information' (this is the presentation given to all teaching staff given by Mrs Regan)

Below you will find many resources that may be useful for your revision or to help you with your homework.

Key Stage 3 pc.jpg

In Key stage 3 you work towards different Levels. When you complete a module your teacher will assess your work and give you a National Curriculum Level based on the work you have produced. Have a look at the different types of tasks you need to be able to complete for each Level by looking at the simplified levels below:

Below is a table outlining the topics covered throughout Key Stage 3:

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Unit 1 - Computer Room Rules & Access
Unit 1 - Welsh Interactive Information Point
Unit 1 - Healthy Living E-Learning Package
Unit 2 - All About Me Presentation
Unit 2 - Spreadsheets & Modelling
Unit 2 - Boots Advantage Card Database
Unit 3 - E-Safety (Critical Thinking Module)
Unit 3 - Web Design of own choice
Unit 3 - Key Skills Module Level 1 or Level 2
Unit 4 - Creating a School Website
Unit 4 - 5 A Day Database
Unit 4 - Leaflet on the Impact of ICT on Society
Unit 5 - Spreadsheet & Modelling
Unit 5 - Leaflet on Holiday Destinations

Unit 6 - Leaflet on New Technologies

Below are some useful resources for each topic in Key Stage 3:

Year 7
Computer Room Rules
This site gives you information about a school network and the importance of using it safely.
All About Me Outline
This gives you an outline of the different tasks you will be asked to complete for you Powerpoint.
A very useful site with ideas on e-safety activities.
Lots of interactive activities and games on the importance mesages of esafety.
This will direct you to lots of useful links for pupils, parents and guardians about esafety issues.
Creating a Website
Lots of useful video tutorials showing how to use Dreamweaver to set up a website.
Spreadsheet & Modelling
Even though it is primary based, these activities build on the skills you may have learnt in Primary school and will help you develop your knowledge.
New Technologies
The Gadget show always feature lots of new and interesting technology.

Key Stage 4pc.jpg

In Key Stage 4 all pupils follow core ICT. The qualification is OCR Level 2 Nationals in ICT. During Year 10 you will cover Unit 1 'ICT Skills for Business', then during Year 11 you will study Unit 23 'Creating a Video'.

ICT is also available as an option during key Stage 4. If you opt to take ICT, you will study Unit 21 'Web Graphics' in Year 10 and then go on to cover Unit 4 'Multimedia' in Year 11.

Below you will find some useful resources for OCR such as the assignment scenarios:

Here is the assessment grid for the core ICT unit:

UNIT 1_assessment objectives.doc